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Blockchain-Based Global Aircraft Parts Tracking & Analytics System

Overview document

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About JetData


Disrupting the Aircraft Parts Industry With The Blockchain

JetData is an innovative platform that digitally identifies, tracks, and validates aircraft parts on distributed ledgers of the blockchain, ensuring complete transparency, security, and operational efficiency in an industry ripe for disruption. The system also provides critical supply chain analytics revealing powerful insights like never before.

JetData is a standardized record of certification and performance on the blockchain that will empower a new world of data analytics and transparency.  We believe this new transparency will create new business models across the aviation industry and lead to efficiency gains above 20% per year and 30% reductions in inventory requirements for the Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul of aircraft.

Powerful Parts Tracking & Validation

JetData is a secure platform that maintains detailed records about the origins, repairs, maintenance, events and transactions for every aircraft part in inventories worldwide. With JetData, airlines can easily access history and documentation about parts across the world.

The platform allows digitall validation by bringing all certification information issued by licensing authorities in one single ledger, inspiring trust and integrity in the marketplace.

Why JetData?


Capital Allocation Assets

  • 50% Token Sale

  • 20% Team

  • 15% Reserve / Business Development

  • 9% Business Partners

  • 6% Community & Bounty

Funds Allocation

  • 32%  Technology Development/Engineering

  • 22%  Business Development

  • 20%  IT Team & Infrastructure

  • 10%  Data Science

  • 9%  General & Administrative

  • 7%  Legal


  • JetToken

    Token name

  • Jetx


  • 23,500,000,000 Tokens

    Amount available

  • Ethereum ERC-20



Disrupting Aircraft

Our Team

Eldon Thomas

Eldon Thomas

Co-founder & CEO

Eldon has extensive experience in Aviation as CFO, President and CEO of various MRO and Aviation related companies.  With an MBA from Wharton, Eldon has been the driving force behind JetData. Prior to Aviation Eldon was a senior executive at fortune 500 companies and worked as a consultant with Boston Consulting Group to start-ups and technology companies.

Gregg Hames

Gregg Hames

Co-founder & CMO

Gregg brings a long history in Aviation from the service desk at Air France, to private pilot to industry executive and startup founder.  Gregg brings deep expertise in maintenance, repair and overhaul of aircraft parts, regulatory compliance, technical specifications and as co-founder has played a key role in the JetData system development.  Gregg has a BA from Exeter and a MS from Brigham Young University.

Nick Leung

Nick Leung

Co-founder & CTO

Nick is an executive level technologist with more than 15 years experience in software development, database analytics, cloud computing, predictive algorithms and holds a patent in a computer learning algorithm. Nick architected, developed, and successfully launched the current JetData product and has successfully led various technology teams from concept to deployment and scaling.  Nick has a computer science and engineering degree from University of California, Davis.



  • JetData V1.0

    June 2017

  • Over 1 million data sets loaded into JetData

    Jan 2018

  • JetData Whitepaper

    June 2018

  • JetData 2.0 Beta

    January 2018

  • API layer

    March 2018


JetData identifies and tracks aircraft parts by their unique part number and serial number.  We then track the part over its useful life of 20 years as it is inspected, repaired, recertified, moved, sold, etc.

This information is available on the JetData blockchain to be analyzed and used to improve operations and forecasting.

JetData is based on our current, commercially available Data Sharing platform which has millions of data sets from leading airlines providing unique and valuable data insights.

Users who provide data to the network are rewarded with JetTokens.

Users who wish to access large data sets on the network pay with JetTokens.

The value of the network grows exponentially as the breadth of aircraft parts increases and the depth of information about each part increases.  All stakeholders of the JetData blockchain benefit as the available data grows.

JetData, the company, provides data services and application tools to help users of the JetData Blockchain to integrate with their existing data systems and to easily access and analyze the data on the network.

I’m tired of investing into ideas on whitepapers. Is JetData a working business? If yes, where can I see it?

As mentioned before, we have a Data Sharing platform that is available with millions of data sets from leading airlines across the world.  Because of the sensitive nature of the data, public access to the website is restricted.  But Demos can be requested at the following email address:

[email protected]

We believe the most efficient way to bring together the leading aviation companies across the world and help them use the blockchain to share valuable information is to have a strong financial foundation.  In addition, we believe that JetToken is necessary to reward and incentivize data providers.

Our vision is to disrupt the Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul (MRO process) of aviation through digital identities of physical parts on the blockchain which makes new and unique data analytics possible.

The following will receive tokens for data they provide, and use tokens for data they consume:

Aircraft OEMs – Engine OEMs – Component OEMs – Spare Part suppliers – Distributors – Heavy Maintenance Providers – Light Maintenance Providers –

Line Maintenance Providers – Component Repair Providers – Airport facility providers – Safety Regulators – Certifying Agencies – Government Regulators –

Leasing Companies – Aircraft Operator – Airlines

Passengers – Air Cargo customers – Financial Analysts – Aviation Enthusiasts

As a complete digital history of aircraft and engines is established, airline passengers will find value from JetData as they will be able to verify and understand the safety and performance of their aircraft and all the individual parts currently installed on that aircraft.

Aviation is a Trillion Dollar industry with many unique and diverse ways better data can help save money and improve safety.

As data on the network increases, the value of the network increases.  JetToken, as a representation of the network value, will benefit all stakeholders in JetData.

The founders will vest their tokens over 4 years.
Advisors will vest their tokens over 2 years.

As a team we have worked together for the last 6 years in Aviation solving this problem and are committed to disrupting this industry.

We have a clear vision and plan to identify and track all aircraft parts and be the system of record for the aviation industry.  Any data relevant to aviation should be on the blockchain and available for audit and analysis.

Our plan begins by working with the leading aviation companies across the world to identify and establish 10 of the most widely used aircraft parts on the JetData blockchain.  These 10 parts will become physical assets that have a digital identity on the blockchain.  A digital identity that can follow the physical asset and represent the history and current state of that asset.

From the humble beginning of 10 parts, billions of aircraft parts will eventually be on the JetData network, each one tracked and updated throughout its useful life.

Parts get associated with aircraft, which get associated with flights, which get associated with weather, etc.  We continue to layer data onto the digital identities of a part.  We are excited about the incredible work we have in front of us the the change it will bring to the industry.

JetData is incorporated in the Cayman Islands. JetData’s team is international, our team members and advisers are located all over the world. Our largest and primary office is located in San Diego, CA USA.

  • Real and successful company with commercial products
  • Using the blockchain to track physical assets
  • Leading airlines, technology companies supporting
  • Disrupting a Trillion Dollar industry
  • Unique team that has successfully worked together in this industry solving this problem.


Aviation Supply Chain
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